Adizes Leadership Training Module 6 – Managment Tools

Complete all the topics in this Module and earn this Completion Certificate


Top Managers understand and practice the organizational tools needed to manage organizations effectively and efficiently.  Learners will study effective implementation, delegation, decision making, and strategies for conducting effective meetings.

This course builds on the four previous modules, What is ManagementManagement ConceptsOrganizational LifeCyclesOrganizational Mission and Structure, and Managing People

This course includes the following video learning sections:

  • How to Assure Effective Implementation
  • How to Delegate
  • How to Make Decisions Correctly
  • How to Make Decisions as a Team
  • How to Run Effective Meetings

Learners will interactively experience video lectures from Dr, Ichak Adizes, review related articles, supported reading, review a summary of each video and be challenged with a knowledge check for each section. Ultimately, learners will pass a module exam to earn a Completion Badge.

Collect all six module badges to earn an Adizes Certificate of Completion for the Top Leadership Training Course.

You can learn more about Dr. Ichak Adizes and his work by sampling his weekly blog which has been published for over 15 years.

The study time for this module is approximately 2 hours.


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