Adizes Leadership Training Module 5 – Managing People

Complete all the topics in this Module and earn this Completion Certificate


Based on the book Management/Mismanagement Styles by Dr. Ichak Adizes, this course introduces several key concepts of the Adizes Methodology for Organizational Transformation; Complimentary Teams, Management Styles and Roles of Management.

Learners will gain an understanding of the four primary management styles, learn to identify them and then practice the fundamentals of building highly effective teams with the Adizes concept of Coalesced Authority, Power, and Influence (Capi).

This course builds on the four previous modules, What is ManagementManagement Concepts, Organizational LifeCycles, and Organizational Mission and Structure.

This course includes the following video learning sections:

  • Management and Mismanagement Styles
  • Which Complementary Teams Work Well
  • “Deadwood”
  • How to Work with a Producer/Lone Ranger
  • How to Deal with an “A” Type
  • How to Work Well with an “Arsonist”

Learners will interactively experience video lectures from Dr, Ichak Adizes, review related articles, supported reading, review a summary of each video and be challenged with a knowledge check for each section.

Learners will pass a quiz and earn a badge for each topic.  Collect all topics badges in the module to earn a Module Completion Certificate.

Collect all six-module Certificates to earn an Adizes Certificate of Completion for the Top Leadership Training Course.

You can learn more about Dr. Ichak Adizes and his work by sampling his weekly blog which has been published for over 15 years.

Directions to proceed through this course.

Use the navigation on the left and as you complete the readings be sure to check them complete in the Objectives section. Your Videos will be auto-completed after you have watched the entire video. Quizzes will be marked complete when you have achieved at least 90%.


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