Adizes Live Course I – The DNA of Organizations: PAEI Styles

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Designed for those who want to go deep into Adizes Philosophy, theory, and practice. Participants will gain an understanding of the Fundamentals of Adizes in a series of live online webinar lectures featuring Dr. Ichak Adizes. Given in English, the course will be synchronously translated to Russian, and Spanish.,

Consisting of 17 sessions of 2 hours of lecture and live Q&A, Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on online chat forums between sessions as an opportunity to share, learn, practice, and apply the Adizes Methodology with people of your region and your industry. These discussion rooms will have reflection questions, book references, and videos available for those who want to go deeper.

Focus is placed on the preparation of your organization to weather the storms of change and create environments that allow Organizations to reach and maximize the benefit of Prime. What is being taught has been tested, documented in manuals and protocols, and implemented throughout 50 years. More than 50 universities around the world teach Adizes in their graduate programs, and 21 of them have granted honorary doctorates to Dr. Adizes.

Sessions will be recorded and available for reference until the end of the course and a month thereafter. Those that join the course late may still view videos they missed so they can regularize with the rest of the course.

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