Adizes Leadership Training

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This course is best for Product Managers, Project Managers, Line Managers, Associates, and Administrators looking for ways to prepare for higher levels of management.

Learners will gain an understanding of the Fundamentals of Adizes, and reflect on how they may implement this method in their organization or department for greater results.

Leadership Training is a great way for new managers to gain insights about effective management tools.

The full course consists of 6 modules. In each module, learners will interactively experience video lectures from Dr, Ichak Adizes, review related articles, supported reading, review a summary of each video and be challenged with a knowledge check for each section.

Learners will pass a quiz and earn a badge for each of the 34 key topics.  Collect all topic badges in the module to earn a Module Completion Certificate.

Collect all six-module Certificates to earn an Adizes Certificate of Completion for the Top Leadership Training Course.

You can learn more about Dr. Ichak Adizes and his work by sampling his weekly blog which has been published for over 15 years.

The study time for this complete course is approximately 16 hours.

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What is Management?
What is Management?

What is the Problem?

What is Management?

What does it Mean to Manage Well?

The Myth of the Ideal Executive

What is a Leader


Management Concepts
Management Concepts

Management Myths I

Perceiving Reality

How to Build a Culture of Mutual Trust & Respect

The Secret of Success of Any Organization


Organizational LifeCycles
Organizational LifeCycles

How to Start a Business

The Go-Go Company

From Entrepreneurship to Professional Management

How to Get Out of the Founder’s Trap

The Aristocratic Company

Signs of Organizational Aging

Rejuvenating an Aging Company


Mission & Structure
Mission & Structure

How to Define an Organization Mission

What is First: Strategy or Structure

Is Your Company Structured Right?

How to Structure a Small Company


How to Hire the Right People


Managing People
Managing People

Management and Mismanagement Styles

Which Complementary Teams Work Well


How to Work with a Producer/Lone


How to Deal with an “A” Type

How to Work Well with an “Arsonist”


Management Tools
Management Tools

How to Assure Effective Implementation

How to Delegate

How to Make Decisions Correctly

How to Make Decisions as a Team

How to Run Effective Meetings

Study all six modules

Best Value

Save $190 when you enroll in the full course