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Adizes Leadership Training

"Prepare today for your future tomorrow"

The Adizes Methodology™ was conceived, developed and systematized from case studies and experience with change management programs in a variety of situations. Great advances have been made in these Adizes programs in order for them to be organized for effective deployment in today’s changing environment. The focus of these programs is to free-up energy you may be wasting internally so that you can become more effective and efficient externally – you can perform better, take on more responsibility and earn more rewards.

The Adizes Top Leadership Training® program is a leadership development program that you can study online and then immediately implement in your company. It can prepare you to become a leader of tomorrow.

Learn the fundamentals of the Adizes Methodology™ online at your own pace. Chose all six modules of the Leadership Training course, or select them individually. You will earn Certificates of Completion and Competency as a result of your successful study and knowledge checks.

Change is nothing new. Change has been here forever, for billions of years. What is new is that the rate of change is accelerating, faster and faster and faster.

It’s all about the strength, or lack of strength, of your organism. If your organism is robust, change makes you stronger.

- Dr. Ichak Adizes

Dr Adizes Introducing
Adizes Leadership Training

How Online Leadership Training programs can impact your organization.

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Best for Product Managers, Project Managers, Line Managers, Associates and Administrators looking for ways to prepare for higher levels of management.

Learners will gain an understanding of the Fundamentals of Adizes, and reflect on how this method may be used in their organization or department.


$180 Per class
  • Self Study
  • LTD Community Membership
  • Competency Badges
  • Completion Certificates
  • Lifetime Course Access
  • Mastering Change EBook



Recommended for Team Leaders, Directors, and Vice Presidents looking for solutions to manage conflict, solve persistent problems within the organization, improve decision making, implementation, and effective team building.

Learners will gain an understanding of the Fundamentals of Adizes in a self-study mode, then participate in Weekly Module Summary Calls with Senior Adizes Associates where fundamentals can be more deeply explained with examples and learners may solicit Adizes Associate and colleague feedback in online group forums.


$300 Per class
  • Weekly Summary Calls with Senior Adizes Associates
  • Summit Call with Dr. Adizes
  • Mastering Change Hardbound Book
  • Adizes Convention 50% Access Package



Designed for Top Executives, CEOs, Presidents, and Founders. Exclusive Participants will gain an understanding of the Fundamentals of Adizes in a series of live online webinar lectures featuring Dr.Ichak Adizes.

Participants are encouraged to use weekly webinars and online group forums as an opportunity to share, learn, practice, and apply the Adizes Methodology from week to week under the moderation and tutelage of the master of Organizational Transformation.

Focus is placed on the preparation of your organization to weather the storms of changing environments, thrive at all positions of the Corporate Lifecycle, and create environments that allow the Organization to reach and maximize the benefit of Prime.


$1000 Per multi-week course
  • Live weekly webinars with Dr. Adizes
  • Access to Recorded Webinar Sessions
  • Online Group Forums
  • Transformation Newsletter
  • Discounts on Adizes Breakthrough to Prime
  • Adizes Convention Access Package
  • Adizes Associate Support Assignment
  • Discounts on Private One on One Sessions with Dr. Adizes

*Prices Indicated Per Study Module.

Discounts apply when you register for multiple modules.

All courses can be structured specifically for your organization restricting participation to the members of your organization or project teams.

The Adizes method has been implemented in hundreds of organizations all over the world for more than 45 years. We discovered that all levels of an organization can benefit from the understanding and application of Adizes Organizational Transformation Methods.

Because of the depth and scope of the Adizes Method, we have designed courses that can be taught in several ways depending on the goals and objectives of the learners.